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Spoken advocacy leads to community action. Hear what we have to say.

Equality Healthcare Consulting energizes, engages and empowers leaders to prioritize diversity in their organizations by providing engaging dialogues and keynotes. Our specialized team of industry experts offers a unique perspective on how companies can implement DEIB best practices for growth, sustainability and success; creating workplaces that are inclusive to all voices through actionable steps. Whether large or small scale businesses – together we make strides towards understanding everyone’s talents!


DEIB Keynote Speaking Services – Captivate Your Audience with Unconscious Bias and Empathetic Leadership Insights

At Equality Healthcare Consulting, we provide compelling DEIB keynote speaking services for healthcare organizations and other industries.

Our expert speakers captivate audiences with powerful insights on unconscious bias, empathetic leadership, and all aspects of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Let us elevate your event with engaging and thought-provoking presentations that resonate with attendees.

Explore our sample speaking titles and descriptions below:

Our speakers have experience presenting at various venues, including conferences, corporate events, workshops, and panel discussions.

We Need A DEIB Keynote Speaker!

Speaking Topics

Overcoming Unconscious Bias in Today's Diverse World
Delve into the impact of unconscious bias on decision-making and relationships and learn strategies for recognizing and mitigating it in professional and personal contexts.
Empathetic Leadership
Unlocking the Power of Inclusive Teams: Discover the essential qualities of empathetic leaders and how they inspire, empower, and drive innovation in diverse teams.
Building a Culture of Belonging in Healthcare and Beyond
Explore practical steps for creating a culture of belonging that fosters employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention across industries.
Navigating the DEIB Landscape: Best Practices for Success
Learn about evidence-based DEIB strategies tailored for healthcare organizations and other industries, and how to implement them for sustainable and inclusive growth.
Breaking Barriers: The Future of Inclusive Healthcare
Examine the challenges and opportunities in creating inclusive healthcare environments and the role of DEIB in shaping the future of the industry.


Dina, as an esteemed presenter at our 32nd Annual Convention, we value your participation in and contribution. On behalf of the attendees, members, staff and Board of Directors, please accept our sincere thank you for helping us make this convention so successful. Ian C., Director of Operations
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