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As a proudly certified diverse supplier, Equality Healthcare Consulting specializes in designing and developing client-centered DEIB strategies, thought leadership and education; ensuring evidence-based best practices and measurable outcomes.

Our Core Values

IMPACT Diverse Patient Outcomes

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For Healthcare Organizations and Providers

Discover why Cultural Competency matters and how it can IMPACT your Practice, Business and Patient Outcomes.

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Develop an inclusive workplace and improve LGBTQ+ Patient outcomes with customized training programs.

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Increase awareness, educate and engage your teams to IMPACT change in your organization or business.

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Numerous studies have shown that increased provider diversity is associated with improved healthcare quality. Concordant care, defined as a patient and provider sharing a common attribute such as race, ethnicity, or gender, has been associated with improved quality of care

Managing change, The Key to Transformation.

What We Do

With over 25 years of diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI) and healthcare experience as both administrative and healthcare provider, we understand the change management required to foster a culture of inclusivity and how to overcome internal barriers such as executive buy-in, infrastructure and process limitations both in policy and in the delivery of care. We’ve been there, and we know how to leverage our experience to develop customized solutions and help our clients build their roadmap.  

 We train the healthcare industry how to provide equitable healthcare to their diverse patient population.   

We provide strategic culture audits, DEI assessments, implementation support, executive level coaching, and educational programs for both leadership and patient facing teams for organizations and teams of all sizes.  

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